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Blitz-Käsekuchen – nur 7 Zutaten

Cheesecake Rezepte

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Water Pollution Problems: A Real Issue

Water pollution has always been a major problem to the environment. With industrialization in major areas and urban cities growing the water around them just keeps getting polluted. The sad part about the whole ordeal is that water pollution can be prevented in a lot of cases.

A lot of water pollution is caused by factories near rivers and lakes doing illegal dumping. This hurts wildlife because the pollution will flow down the river hurting plants and animals. In some cases it can be fatal.

Another big form of water pollution comes from fisherman and yacht owners. People who are just out to enjoy the sun will throw their waste overboard or have a leaky engine. A lot of them don’t care because it doesn’t usually directly effect how their day is going to turn out.

The nice thing is that if your boat is caught illegally dumping or not meeting basic standards you can be forced to pay a large fine. By putting laws such as these into effect water pollution has decreased some. However, it still isn’t anywhere nears what it needs to be.

There have also been rules and regulations given to transport lines, especially concerning fuel tankers. When a fuel tanker ends up sinking it releases thousands upon thousands of gallons of fuel into the ocean. This fuel gets all over marine life and can cause serious damage to beaches and coral.

Another type of water pollution comes from farmers. When they spray their fields the fertilizer and insecticides can soak into the ground and get caught in a water system or river. This will then in turn hurt plant and animal life because the waterways are being poisoned.

If you think water pollution doesn’t affect you then you are wrong. The pollution ends up hurting nature and poisoning fish that we may eat. On a more direct approach it can even pollute drinking water.

With so many bad side effects of water pollution it is a wonder that there isn’t more being done to prevent it. The general public needs to learn more information about it so that they can learn to fight it and keep the waters clean.

Ehl Gehwegplatte (Rot, 40 x 40 x 5 cm, Beton) Ehl

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